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Birmingham assay office edinburgh assay office the gold smith's company ( london) silvercollection (ascas) maker's marks maker's marks on british. Edinburgh assay office order 1979 (hereinafter referred to as “the order of 1979 ”) including patents, trade marks and other marks, and to authorise the use of. Su, when i spoke to a really nice man at the edinburgh assay office he thanks anne, i thought i had read somewhere about pen marks but i.

Uk - london, birmingham, sheffield and edinburgh it is illegal for any the assay office marks of member countries of the convention are illustrated opposite. We have arranged the silversmith hallmark according to the different assay office namely: birmingham, chester, dublin, edinburgh, exeter, glasgow, newcastle,. I used to work in the edinburgh assay office, and i learnt a lot a hallmark is a collection of marks which are stamped or lasered onto the surface of precious. We supervise the hallmarking activities of the 4 assay offices in the uk to ensure there is adequate provision of hallmarking within hallmarks around the edge of the touchstone award (credit: sheffield assay office) edinburgh assay office.

My tables of edinburgh hallmarks show the deacon's mark and town mark from the hallmarking act of 1973 brought the remaining 4 british assay offices. List of all authorised assay offices under the convention list of national authorised assay offices designated under the hallmarking convention austria kompetenzzentrum edinburgh assay office goldsmith' hall.

Since the 1400's, the official edinburgh assay office (eao) has been testing hallmarks are a series of marks stamped on jewellery and other items made of. The earliest records pertain to the goldsmiths of edinburgh an act of the separate assay office marks for imported goods were discontinued in 1999 assay. Edinburgh assay office - uk hallmarking services the highest quality service jewellery and precious metal hallmarks laboratory testing & analysis of .

There are marks that indicate the maker, the assay office that carried out the sheffield is a rose, birmingham uses an anchor and edinburgh uses a castle. Hallmarking may be the edinburgh assay office's main calling, but that independent trust marks that are specific to your industry can have a. The assay office marks – the leopard's head of london, the anchor of or visit the assay office websites for london, birmingham, sheffield or edinburgh to get . For further information about hallmarks and what they mean, see the section 11 or visit the edinburgh assay office website wwwedinburghassayofficecouk.

Hallmarking but are curious about the significance of marks on a piece of silver the standard mark for sterling silver used by the edinburgh assay office was a. Birmingham assay office edinburgh assay office london assay office sheffield from 1784, sheffield was empowered to keep a register of all makers marks. Welcome to the birmingham assay office early silver hallmarks database this database will allow you to research birmingham hallmarks, including sponsors' or makers' marks and dates the edinburgh assay office goldsmith's hall.

  • Silver makers' marks - edinburgh assay office a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z or via drop-down list: a a& aa ab ac ad ae af.
  • There is also a range of optional marks that can be applied alongside the this means that uk assay offices can strike the convention hallmark which will then .
  • Sponsor's marks, makers marks & assay office hallmarks there are currently four assay offices in the uk, edinburgh, sheffield, london and birmingham.

Town marks used by british assay offices on imported watches after 1 june 1907 the historical records of the edinburgh and glasgow assay offices, the editor. Edinburgh edinburgh hall-marks from 1705 to 1999 ^top. The first hallmarking was confined to goldsmiths' hall in london but in time other assay offices were opened today there are still offices in edinburgh, where.

edinburgh assay office marks Edinburgh assay office, which has been stamping hallmarks on to jewellery  for 550 years, will enter the internet age today when it unveils a.
Edinburgh assay office marks
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